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Innio Introduction

INNIO is a leading provider of renewable gas, natural gas, and hydrogen-rich solutions and services for power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. With our Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines, INNIO helps to provide communities, industry and the public access to sustainable, reliable and economical power ranging from 200 kW to 10 MW. We also provide life-cycle support and digital solutions to the more than 53,000 delivered gas engines globally, through our service network in more than 100 countries. We deliver innovative technology driven by decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization to help lead the way to a greener future. Headquartered in Jenbach, Austria, the business also has primary operations in Welland, Ontario, Canada, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S. For more information, visit the company's website at www.innio.com. Follow INNIO on Twitter and LinkedIn.

For the execution of electronic business processes INNIO relies on SupplyOn, our supplier portal which we have selected due to years of experience and expertise in this area.

Find out about the applied processes, get to know SupplyOn and check how you can register quickly and easily to process your orders, transport and shipping notifications electronically in the future in a way that can benefit your company.

Jenbacher Suppliers


For Jenbacher suppliers, central collaboration takes place via SupplyOn


Over the past two years, we have transformed our business processes and now we communicate with our suppliers mostly via SupplyOn.

Your advantage:  you only use one system (SupplyOn) for your purchase orders, forward pick-up advises (FPA) and advanced shipping notifications (ASN).







This eliminates the need for repeated, identical manual data entries. Your time expenditure is reduced and error-prone manual data entries are avoided.

1. INNIO sends purchase order (PO) to supplier via SupplyOn.

2. Supplier confirms order (PO Confirmation) via SupplyOn and creates forwarder pick-up advice (FPA) and advance shipping notification (ASN); ASN will be processed at INNIO for goods receipt booking.

3. Order information (PO Info) and FPA (incl. Ready for Pickup date) will be transmitted to Ceva Logistics Control Tower.

4. Control Tower commissions the freight forwarder.

5. Control Tower sends pickup confirmation (SRF) via e-mail to supplier.

6. Control Tower sends transport information to INNIO.

Waukesha and Welland Suppliers


This is our process with SupplyOn


The changeover to SupplyOn took place in Q3 2019 and the Clear Orbit process was switched off. Waukesha & Welland suppliers should send POsPO ConfirmationsPO Changes and ASNs via SupplyOn, only the FPA process remains unchanged: transport notifications are as usual made directly by the supplier to the logistics service provider, e.g. expeditors.




1. INNIO sends purchase order (PO) to supplier via SupplyOn.

2. Supplier confirms purchase order (PO Confirmation) via SupplyOn and creates advance shipping notification (ASN). ASN will be processed at INNIO for goods receipt booking.

3. Supplier sends transport request / shipping notification to Control Tower / Expeditor or directly to the carrier (manually).


Registration with SupplyOn

Please select the relevant registration option for your company and find out about the next steps.

The following links contain all the information on which the online contract with SupplyOn is based:

Price list /  Contract documents /  eInvoicing Terms and Conditions


This is the process to register your company with SupplyOn

Your customer sends you an e-mail announcing and explaining the changeover to various business processes. In this e-mail, you will be asked to register your company with SupplyOn. The registration process is described below step by step.

Watch our video and find out how to register in SuppylOn

Please note: When you register your company, you are assigned the role of company administrator. You can transfer this role to someone else at a later date.

The SupplyOn solutions that you can use with INNIO

You can profit from the use of several SupplyOn solutions with INNIO. After you have registered your company for the SupplyOn Supply Chain Collaboration service you can handle different processes depending on which INNIO organization you are working with.

Each of the following buttons contains a detailed description of the SupplyOn Solutions implemented by INNIO and include short videos of the SupplyOn live system. 

Purchase Order Management


Forwarder Pick-up Advice (FPA)

For JENBACHER Suppliers

Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN)


Data Transfer Options


Successful digitization requires the right connection
Choose the type of connection most suitable for your company.
In the following buttons we offer you a brief overview of what each data transfer option involves. 


Internet based connection

Online data transfer

Direct EDI connection

Fully automated data transfer


In this page we offer you access to our various support sources.
You will find links to our customer support specialist, to specific and generic trainings and to online videos.
Browse through the next tabs and chose the support option most suitable for you.

Online support for Company Admins.

When you first register your company in SupplyOn, you must specify a Company Administrator for your account. This role can be assigned to somebody else later. The Company Administrator plays a central role and has variety of tasks such as:  

  maintaining company master data in the Business Directory
  maintaining control points
  confirming connects for additional services and/or additional customers
  creating user accounts
  assigning additional user roles
  resetting of user passwords
  unlocking user accounts


We can help you with all these tasks!

Follow any of the links listed below and have a look at our step by step graphic explanations and useful short videos of the SupplyOn live system.  


General User administration

General overview


Create User accounts

Step-by-Step instructions


Reset User Password

Step-by-Step instructions


Unlock User Account

Step-by-Step instructions


More Support according to your Individual Needs


Customer Support
Get in touch with your Customer Support experts. Chose the area you need assistance with and you will be directed to the specialists in that particular subject.


Help Pages
You  will find detailed information about our solutions on the help pages. 
Note: This support is only available for registered users. 


Media Library
We have a variety of short videos at your disposal in several languages covering a wide range of topics, from how to manage your SupplyOn user account to how to confirm an order.
Note: This support is only available for registered users. 

  Training_icon SupplyOn Training
If you wish a special training for your company, please visit our website for trainings.

Technical Information
Get detailed information about the technical requirements that will allow you to use SupplyOn optimally. 



Questions and Answers

What is SupplyOn?

SupplyOn is the shared online platform for a growing number of globally active companies from Bosch, Schaeffler, Continental and ZF to Airbus, Siemens or Schneider Electric. 

SupplyOn's collaboration platform is since 2000 one of the leading professional business platforms in the market. Currently it is used by over 200 buying companies and connects more than 140.000 business partners all over the world.

As a supplier of any of these companies, SupplyOn helps you to optimize your business processes with your customers thanks to an extensive portfolio of digital business solutions.

Find out more about SupplyOn at  www.Supplyon.com.

What can I use SupplyOn for?

SupplyOn is INNIO's standard tool for order and logistics processing. Via SupplyOn you can view and confirm orders and organize the transport of your goods via Ceva Logistics.

What is the Ceva Control Tower and what tasks does it perform?

The Ceva Logistics Control Tower is responsible for the organization and coordination for all transports of our suppliers with ship to location in Austria or Germany and Incoterm FCA.

The transport and shipping notification (FPA – Forwarder pick-up Advice) is forwarded fully automatically from SupplyOn to Ceva Logistics. This enables Ceva Logistics to organize transports efficiently.


Who is my contact if a carrier does not come?

A dedicated Ceva Logistics Team will exclusively take care of INNIO Jenbacher transports. You can reach out to them time via e-mail: SH-EU-BE-INNIO@Cevalogistics.com

Why do I still have to register a transport directly with expeditors or with the respective logistics provider?

For Waukesha and Welland suppliers there is no EDI connection from INNIO to expeditors or other logistics providers. INNIO is working on solutions to improve this process for you.

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