Welcome to the Supplier Info Portal of Bosch

Welcome to the Info Portal for Bosch Suppliers

Processing manual documents is time consuming and cost intensive for Bosch and its suppliers. Errors caused by manual data entries result in delays in processing and tie up resources. Bosch would like to continuously improve its business processes and further optimize and expand the cooperation together with you.

Bosch already handles the purchase-to-pay process (also known as P2P process) with many suppliers via the SupplyOn online portal solution. In addition, the S2C process is now available on the i-Source platform, which provides electronic handling of these processes : request for quotation, auctions and contract management.

Get more information in the section Process Information.


Information about the S2C and the P2P processes

To learn more about S2C (Source-to-Contract) simply click on the S2C graphic below. You will be directed to a separate webpage.

The P2P process via SupplyOn is explained in detail on this Info Portal webpage. Please just scroll down and get to know SupplyOn, find out how you can register quickly and easily and learn how to manage electronically your orders and invoices with Bosch in the future.



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Financial Portal and Supplier Master Data Self-Service

Finance Portal

All the information about our Finance Portal can be found in our  User Guide.

Further information regarding the enhanced eInvoicing functionalities is available in the SupplyOn Help Pages.

Please note:  the help pages are only accessible if you are a registered supplier in SupplyOn.

Do you want to be paid earlier? Finance like a Bosch

Our Partner bank offers our suppliers early access to cash with a pricing based on Bosch rating. Please find here more information.



Supplier Master Data Self-Service

All the information about our Supplier Master Data Self-Service can be found in our Quick Introduction Video, Video Tutorial and User Guide.

Registration with SupplyOn

Please select the relevant registration option for your company and find out about your next steps.

The following links contain all the information on which the online contract with SupplyOn is based:

Price list /  Contract documents /  eInvoicing Terms and Conditions

Important note: The connection type Buyer Paid Connect (BPC) or Seller Paid Connect (SPC) will be assigned, based on criteria defined by Bosch (yearly turnover and number of purchase orders).

This is the process to register your company with SupplyOn

Your customer sends you an e-mail announcing and explaining the changeover to various business processes. In this e-mail, you will be asked to register your company with SupplyOn. The registration process is described below step by step.

Watch our video and find out how to register in SuppylOn

Please note: When you register your company, you are assigned the role of company administrator. You can transfer this role to someone else at a later date.

The new Purchase-to-Pay Process via SupplyOn

Bosch is using the SupplyOn online portal to shift its worldwide purchasing processes for indirect materials and services to a universal electronic process. The goal is to exclusively manage order receipt, order response and invoicing electronically between Bosch and its suppliers.

Your benefits at a glance

In this two minute video we have summarized the changes for you as a supplier and the benefits that switching to the electronic purchase-to-pay process via SupplyOn will bring you.

Bosch s@net P2P Video_EN

You’ll find the most important information on the electronic purchase-to-pay process summarized in our brief instructions to download:  Purchase-to-pay process (P2P) - brief instructions

After you have registered your company for the SupplyOn Supply Chain Collaboration service or if your are already a registered supplier, you can handle the individual processes shown below via SupplyOn. Click on the buttons shown below to find detailed descriptions and short videos that illustrate each process.

Purchase order receipt and confirmation

Efficient order processing

Invoice creation

Digitize your invoices

Important Information

In this section you will find important information about the Bosch sites as well as additional support sources.

Which Bosch sites are affected by the switch to electronic business processes?

All Bosch sites around the world will be integrated step-by-step into this electronic business process. If you supply several Bosch plants, you can check the list of already available and planned Bosch sites to see which plants already manage their orders and invoices digitally.

Already available and planned Bosch sites

If a site is not listed yet, you will continue to receive orders from it through your usual channel. As soon as the respective site has switched to the new process, orders to your company will be sent automatically only via SupplyOn.


Attention: Once a Bosch plant has switched to the new process,  it will send its purchase orders only through SupplyOn and, provided the specific Bosch site is enabled to process electronic invoicing, it will only accept invoices sent via SupplyOn.

More support according to your individual needs

1. Customer Support
For questions or any assistance please use our contact form to get in touch with our customer support center.

Customer Support Contact Form

2. Help Pages
If you need more information about our solutions, please click on the help pages.
Note: you can use this support after your registration.

Help Pages 

3. Media Library
In the media library there is a series of videos about our solutions available in several languages.

Media Library

4. SupplyOn Trainings
If you require a specific training for your company, please visit our training webseite.

Training Website

Questions and Answers

What is SupplyOn?

SupplyOn is the shared online platform for a growing number of globally active companies from Bosch, Schaeffler, Continental and ZF to Airbus, Siemens or Schneider Electric. 

SupplyOn's collaboration platform is since 2000 one of the leading professional business platforms in the market. Currently it is used by over 200 buying companies and connects more than 140.000 business partners all over the world.

As a supplier of any of these companies, SupplyOn helps you to optimize your business processes with your customers thanks to an extensive portfolio of digital business solutions.

Find out more about SupplyOn at  www.Supplyon.com.

Do you have questions regarding technical issues, questions about user administration or eInvoicing?

We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions in the specific FAQ pages listed below.

What are Bosch's objectives with the use of SupplyOn's online platform?

Processing business transactions online is a matter of course today in many areas of private and professional life. Bosch has already been processing the purchase of production material online for many years. Worldwide procurement of indirect material and services will now also be handled uniformly in this efficient way in the future. The purchase order and invoice process will be more transparent and faster as a result.

What advantages does the connection offer me as a supplier?

By connecting to SupplyOn, you will be able to digitally receive orders from Bosch and then process them online all the way up to the invoice preparation. This means:

  • No more manual effort is required to enter purchase orders and invoices: There are no printing and sending costs.
  • All cases are handled in one portal – a complete overview is available and the respective status of individual processes can be retrieved at any time.
  • Simple order confirmation and invoice preparation at the click of a mouse thanks to pre-filled fields.
  • In order to facilitate punctual payment, order and invoice data are compared and compliance with legal requirements is checked before the invoice is forwarded to Bosch.
When can I start using the online process ?

The new process can be used as soon as you have successfully registered with SupplyOn.

What will change with the introduction of SupplyOn's online portal solution?

From now on the following processes will be handled electronically:

  • Reception of purchase orders
  • Order changes/Order confirmations
  • Generation and dispatch of invoices
How do I receive my purchase order during the rollout?

Because Bosch is migrating successively to the new process, you may receive purchase orders both via SupplyOn and in the traditional manner during the rollout phase. Please process the purchase orders you receive via SupplyOn directly on the platform. All other purchase orders can be processed in the traditional way as in the past.

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